Our work at Apricot Forest is to help you align with your true nature and vital body. Making health is our speciality and skill.
We treat families and individuals through private consultations in our clinics and via videoconference.
Our consultations are in depth, taking up to two hours to assess you.
We will choose the best approach and develop a treatment plan with you and start the process of restoring your natural alignment, to regain your physical, spiritual, and emotional health.
Our aim is to replenish you and restore your magnificence.

Workshops and Trainings

In our practical method training, we will teach you the principles of health, and using non-invasive touch allow you to release restrictions and realign with your true nature.

From birth to death events will naturally occur that pull us away from our health. We offer effective tools of recovering health and cultivating success.

In our workshops you will learn how to restore your natural alignment, power, ease and grace, the elements that may have been misplaced along your life journey. The workshops are perfect at any transition times such as

  • When you have, or are moving home or country.
  • If you are ending or beginning new relationships.
  • If you are changing jobs, or need to change jobs or careers.
  • If your children are becoming teenagers or are leaving home.
  • If you suffer from anxiety, depression or isolation in any form.
  • If you are feeling frustrated, stuck or are facing grief.
  • If you have lost or are loosing your health, vitality or developing chronic illness of any kind.
  • It is also ideal for healthcare professionals and therapists who are stuck or frustrated with the limits of their practice.

Or for individuals simply seeking to expand their horizons. It is perfect for the creative person; artists, musicians, athletes or business person who wishes to succeed further and surpass their own limitations.

Apricot Forest
Cwm Trannon
SY17 5PH

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