Alex Kolaczynski first qualified in Oriental medicine in 1983. Over the last 30 years he has become an accomplished Chinese herbalist and bodyworker, as well as acupuncturist. He is a fully registered member of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, the largest professional body of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the U.K.

He is the founder of the Apricot Forest clinic and pharmacy, also one of Europe’s leading practitioners and educators of Chinese medicine. He is dedicated to the pursuit of clinical excellence.

An experienced family practitioner and one of UK’s leading pediatricians who has three decades of experience in treating the human condition. Whether helping a newborn to get established in the physiology of it’s body or supporting the parents before or after birth. He treats children, teenagers, men and women from their first breath, until their very last.

While modern medicines’ commitment to health and its skill are undeniable, it is a political institution that lacks creativity and solutions for the state of modern health. There are many routes to return to health and the reductionist method of modern medicine often leaves the patients deeper needs unmet. Life for many becomes a chronic struggle to regain health of any substantial value or allows aging pre maturely, leaving the last piece of time for many a great struggle and loss of dignity.

Alex’s work is empowering, educational and highly effective. His commitment to your health is profound and he is willing to do whatever it takes to help, if you are genuine and real about gaining health on every level.

Alex’s career has led him to work with with The Hunyuan Research Institute which specialises in fertility treatment and the well being of future generations. His research work in the institute is devoted to exercising the levels of thinking that it takes to accomplish masterful results. The institute travels the history of Chinese medicine unearthing the deeper meaning and hidden power of Chinese medicine restoring it to it’s legendary promise. He works in the herbal tradition of Zheng Qinan’s 郑钦安 Fire Spirit school and the effective practice of ancient medical thinking. His greatest inspiration to practice and keep evolving his medicine, comes from the time he spent in Chengdu, China with Liu Baigu, 4th generation descendant of Liu Zhitang (Zheng Qinan’s teacher) and standard bearer for the Huai Xuan 槐轩 school.

He currently practices from London and his home in mid-Wales, where he has the privilege of treating three or four generations of many families. Many of his patients travel from all over the UK and Europe to benefit from his clinical clarity. He also works daily throughout the UK and Europe by video conference.

‘I believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, rather than human beings trying to have a spiritual experience, and my greatest work is helping each individual and family manifest their full potential on time and flourish in their unique and natural character. This includes manifestation in all areas including peace, prosperity, health and happiness. Ancient medicine truly holds many secrets of successful living especially in the modern & accelerating world full of promises of cure, that rarely come to fruition. Ancient Chinese medicine contains pure wisdom and is one of the greatest educational tools we have today to help us fulfill our promise to our self and our families. At Apricot Forest we go through the body to free the mind, to free the soul. We believe your short piece of time, maybe 80 or 100 years or so, can be lived well and right to it’s end using traditional nutrient dense diet and good medicine, exercise and right thinking.’

Our work is simple, effective and true. We believe as Fei Boxiong 費伯雄 Famous 19th century Chinese medicine physician once said, “There exist no miraculous methods in the world, only plain ones, and the perfection of the plain is miraculous.”

Love: Truth: Simplicity

Unity beyond division.

My body is meant to dry up one day. This body is nothing; it is here only to serve people.
All living beings–including animals, flowers, birds, stones–have been given a form (body) by God, and this form has been given by God a duty to perform in this world. Even my own body has come only to perform a duty to serve all human and all living things.
But when human beings come into this world they forget their duty and fall under an attachment to Maya (the illusions of Creation, of the material world); they fall into
“me” and “mine”, and so they forget God.
(Babaji–Feb. 2, 1983)