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Apricot Forest is one of the most advanced Chinese herbal medicine clinics in the UK & one of the largest Traditional Chinese Medicine pharmacies in Europe. Our staff and practitioners at Apricot Forest are dedicated to the pursuit of clinical excellence. We see patients daily in our clinics in the UK and internationally by video conference.

Hunyuan medicine specialises in the cultivation of life, good health and the treatment the body’s conditions. Apricot Forest supports people to reach their full potential, removing obstacles, limitation and disease, preserving and prolonging good health and increasing it wherever possible.

We offer specialist Hunyuan fertility treatment packages, as well as expert treatment of acute or chronic disorders, from fast resolution of the common cold or flu, to immune support and treatment of any life threatening illnesses. We are always available to discuss treatment plans with you, your family and your doctor or consultant.

Apricot Forest is one of the most advanced traditional Chinese herbal pharmacies in the UK and Europe, stocking only high-grade medicinal herbs that are organic & certified free of contamination from sulfur, pesticides and heavy metals whenever possible. We are also fortunate to be able to stock ‘di dao’ herbs from the Fire Spirit school pharmacy in Chengdu, China.

We are one of the only clinics in Europe that is furnished with advanced decocting and packaging machinery as used in Chinese hospitals, enabling us to prepare your herbal medicine sealed in sterile sachets for ease of use, high patient compliance and standardisation of dosage. Research shows this method yeilds up to a 30-40% increase in extraction rate of active ingredients, increasing your treatment efficacy and reducing waste of valuable natural resources. We also produce hand made pills, prescribed by your practitioner made only from pure herbs without artificial binders, fillers or sweetners.

We will prepare your liquid decoctions and have them collected or couriered out the same day for prescriptions ordered by midday. The sachets are approximately 150ml in size, but can be made smaller for babies and children, and larger for external washes. Qualified and registered practitioners who wish to register to use the service can send us their details through the contact page.

For international postage rates please enquire by email. We supply practitioners and patients in UK, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France & Poland.

Here at Apricot Forest we do not support the sale or use of endangered plant or animal species. The use of such medicinals is strictly regulated today and is absolutely not part of professional TCM in the UK.