Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is the oldest, continually practiced, literate, professional medical system in the world today.

TCM is a highly sophisticated and time-tested medicine that fully integrates alongside western surgery and modern drug therapy. At Apricot Forest we offer Chinese medicine and are always happy to discuss treatment strategies for your condition with you and your doctor, or consultant.

Due to it’s high success rate and lack of side effects, TCM is now  becoming widely accepted in the UK and the Western world as a viable alternative to drugs or surgery whenever possible.
The emphasis of TCM has always been on health promotion and prevention, treating disease before it happens. The practice of TCM addresses specifically the root of the problem, as well as the actual symptoms. TCM has distinct but integrated therapeutic approaches to the treatment of illness, that includes primarily herbal medicine, as well as acupuncture & cupping, Tui-Na massage and manipulation, alongside exercise and dietary guidance.

People frequently present at our clinic with more than one disease to treat, frequently two, three and even up to a dozen conditions. This reveals the level of  modern healthcare they have been receiving, or that is generally accepted in our health service industry and our society. Separation of problems into different departments that don’t discuss together, layers of drug therapy which can further bring the body off centre without ever getting to the body’s actual deeper needs.

Our first work is to put all the problems into some kind of order and do the detective work to work out how, when, where and why did these conditions originate. We will then return to the root cause and restore the weakened, or lack of vital force and most of these diseases will then simply begin to resolve or disappear. The body is now able to begin to function more fully. The body is normally self-healing and when it isn’t, there is always reason as to why not. Doctors putting these problems down to ageing or wear and tear is not a sufficient excuse to let people degenerate and decline. Patients may come with a long list of medication, sometimes up to ten different prescribed drugs, which in itself frequently leads to further deterioration or new disease conditions.

We will assess what treatment we feel would be most appropriate depending on your age, condition, level of commitment as well as your budget and then negotiate a plan and strategy with you. We expect to see certain changes in a given amount of time, enabling us to then negotiate and plan the stages to creating more health.