Treatment of those over retirement age involves prevention and treatment of DDDD. Depression, debility, dementia & finally delirium

Chinese culture has always recognised the value and role of the elderly in their communities, and as such Chinese medicine has developed effective treatments to keep people in optimum health as they age.

Apricot Forest offers strategic treatment plans for those in the third age. We initially assess your needs by constitution and condition and then offer a goal orientated treatment plan over a given time period. Our aim is to make a consolidated foundation from which to build greater health and longevity.

Our aim is to maintain optimum physiological dignity, consciousness and mobility. In the modern world, too many people are unnecessarily living out their later years in varying states of infirmity, mental decline, pain, misery and helplessness. Chinese medicine addresses these issues very successfully.

After middle age people that have not re balanced, replenished or re assessed their position are more susceptible to degeneration, decline and misfortune. We believe that a good quality of ageing is achievable and something to be desired.

Common conditions at this stage of life are; heart disease, strokes, circulatory issues and high or low blood pressure, cancers, diabetes, mental feebleness, memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, musculo- skeletal infirmity, with degenerative joint conditions. Simple disorders such as insomnia, constipation, poor appetite or fatigue can derange a peaceful old age. Chinese medicine treats these diseases very well and recovery is still possible depending only on how much damage has been allowed to occur. At this stage, western medicine often has too little to offer and too late. In fact many patients present with illness from the medication they are taking.

Treatment at Apricot Forest involves primarily herbal medicine, adding qigong exercises and guided nutrition. Massage and acupuncture, moxibustion or cupping may also be used. A consultation in the clinic, or by skype video conference can give you a preliminary idea and assessment of what we can do for you.