Here at Apricot Forest we treat individuals and children from families over three or four generations. This has given us deep experience and insight into the genetic or constitutional strengths and vulnerabilities of people, as well as conditions that  environment and lifestyles can bring. Here at Apricot Forest we are specialists in treating life, increasing longevity and improving quality of life until the end of your time. Diseases are simply obstructions or restrictions that stop us reaching our fullness or time.

During my research and study of the treatment of infertility, I soon discovered that infertility was often  the solution  rather than the problem. IVF treatment could force a pregnancy many times, but often it was not viable or successful. Many times babies are born with restricted or underdeveloped health- all ultimately because the mother, or father had insufficient health in the first place. Statistics are often triaged according to the results a business wants to demonstrate and may be far from actual clinical reality.

This means educating patients that my work is not simply about getting them pregnant or fixing the problem, but ensuring that mother and baby continue to have good health in pregnancy and delivery, as well as having continued health in the future. Treatment would influence not only their health and long life, but the generations ahead over possibly hundreds or thousands of years. The promise of one hundred years is our potential and how that is lived, is dependent on good education and good medicine and food, as well as our behavior, lifestyle and genetics. Many people these days are happy to only grab a quick mouthful of life and rest which soon leads to health problems, as well as a lack of fulfillment and earlier death.

Treating thousands of babies and children in our pediatric clinic over the last twenty five years, we have learned much by witnessing the effect of neglect, ignorance or lack of proper health education. It starts with quality of pregnancy & birth, diminishing breastfeeding rates due to lack of support, information and education. Also by feeding children solid food too early before their digestive systems are mature enough, and feeding them food that is inappropriate or of little value to a developing human. The massive rise in allergies, behavioral,  developmental problems and weight problems are some of the health challenges so many face today. These parents come into our clinic with their children, often desperate for help and fortunately most of the time we are often able to help them with simple strategies.

Recently we are seeing young people 30+ and 40+ years old coming in with diseases that were reserved for much older generations previously. For a long time Chinese medicine was often the place of last resort. Patients who had exhausted the doctors and consultants, whole food shops, osteopaths and chiropractors finally plucked up the courage or were recommended by previous patients to enter the realm of the Chinese medicine clinic, with all the jars of strange, fascinating substances from another realm of a far away culture.

Children are initially assessed and often we then help them and their parents by beginning to unravel the pathology of the disease, helping them to understand the condition and lifestyle factors or diet, that causes aggravation. Parents are offered immediate solutions such as powerful tui-na massage techniques that can often alleviate acute situations in minutes, or preparing simple safe herbal medicine prescriptions that may ease teething, colic, sleep problems, soothe and resolve skin problems, modify appetite and hypo or hyper behavior. (Peadiatrics has been a known specialty in TCM for thousands of years already and exists as a highly developed field). Chinese medicine in the hands of trained practitioners is a very safe and powerful tool to ensure healthy and complete development even for children born in a state of weakness or deficiency.

As children grow and develop through early childhood into their early teens, girls start to menstruate and begin to develop into young women, boys also begin to face becoming young men. There is a huge surge of vitality (or lack for some) that boosts the bodies strength and development. Many finally gain the strength to shed their weaknesses as in ‘growing out of allergies’, others need the vitality boosted so they don’t hold back on development, expression and confidence. Some may need the surge to be tempered. We have a vast amount of work to do here as society and peer pressure is already forcing them into unnatural behavior that is often unmet, because so many families have already lost contact with, or authority over, their children, and now children are often acting as adults before they are ready to face the consequences- knowing that in this culture someone will pick up the pieces or rescue them.

We offer behavioural & postural work, as well as herbal medicine for problems such as temperament, skin issues, sleep, premature or delayed development, period regulation to ensure an easy regular, pain free, unheavy periods, unresolved infections, including glandular fever, allergies and once again under, or over weight issues. For some the mental demand of school may be taxing or the excess or lack of sport for others, some may simply be growing too big too fast or to small or too slowly.

By late teens, many are settling down into their constitution and condition, much of the growing has been done, most are at work or college. The body carries on maturing, bones continue filling up into the mid twenties in order to last the potential hundred years. It will be too late to hope that some calcium supplement or diet will do much for your bones at the age of fifty. Hopefully a nourishing childhood with plenty of sleep and correct nutrition will have made the bone mass required, the knowledge of nutrition for a young adult will really make or break them in the next 10-20 years. Chinese medicine has some excellent treatment for conditions such as arthritis or osteoporosis, but really the damage has been done at that stage and often only remedial work can be done to prevent further degeneration or pain.

Middle age, somewhere between 40-60, half way there for most people is really the beginning of old age! The body has peaked physiologically and is about to begin it’s decline. If as a woman have suffered in pregnancy or childbirth, or have a history of heavy bleeding or poor nutrition, you may begin decline rapidly by the age of 35 or 40. Men who have squandered their strength may also begin weakening to become overweight, balding or impotent. Diabetes and heart disease is vastly on the increase for all the modern medicine we have. Western medicine has become the heroic specialist of acute medicine and when you collapse they can now save your life thankfully. This is truly magnificent work, but I question what effective doctor would allow you to get to that stage of degeneration in the first place. Having said that, here in the UK most doctors are tied to a system that is more a production line than a skilled craft workshop, they are often not given the time to do the work required and the patients are often becoming more irresponsible about their lifestyle because they also know that they will be saved or rescued. How tragic is this situation and how costly to us all and the future generations!

If you do replenish in your forties and have a good menopause you may feel renewed; like a teenager again? no more blood loss! no more children!, a second spring perhaps? In reality a lot of clients feel more like 60 rather than 50, but there is still great opportunity if you can get to a good doctor who can understand your whole physiology & pathology, nourish your body and help you regulate your mind. If this fatigue is left until 60 rather than 40 or 50, it becomes so much more difficult to treat. The body stagnated in those forties and discomfort tolerated; so the congestion is much denser each year and the body more fatigued and inefficient.

Congestion is said to be the mother of all disease, dead blood, phlegm & fluids and energy are the humors of the body that go to make up all the cysts, lumps, tumors and pain. Stagnation puts everything under pressure, the blood vessels can degenerate, veins can start to give way- the chest bone or the cage housing the fragile organs, the heart & lungs have to work much harder speeding towards end of your life. To live longer you need to slow your heart rate, breathe deeper, your heart muscle has a finite number of beats.

Exercise although essential, is also often prematurely wearing people out these days, the art of exercising really is an art as much as a science. Excess sweating is one of the most chronic weakening processes there is, yet also the heart needs to reach a certain aerobic state to gain elasticity and regeneration, too much and it simply tires and weakens.  Personal guidance is required and strategies have to be made on an individual basis. Apricot Forest assists you to make wise, skillful and intelligent choices with your health, creating a positive direction for living.