Paediatrics has been a specialty in CM for thousands of years; treatments are safe & effective, often simple and ingenious. The many disorders we treat in infants include hyperactivity, fevers, convulsions, colic, night crying, teething, sleep disorders, bed-wetting, diarrhea or constipation, poor appetite, weight loss or gain, re current chest infections, cough, allergies, asthma & eczema and seborrheic dermatitis to name but a few.

Mothers most often realise when a baby or child is not as it should be or is not happy, but may lack the knowledge or language to discern what the child requires. Chinese medicine diagnosis can often help define and recognise the issues involved, physiologically or emotionally, where western medicine may not be able to be conclusive in it’s diagnosis or strategy. Treatment is rarely suppressive unlike western medicine, and actively supports the body to flourish and conquer it’s challenges.

At Apricot Forest we are highly experienced in treating children’s health problems, behavioral issues & problems associated with learning difficulties and developmental delays. We are realistic and understand not all problems are treatable completely, but also that  most situations can be dramatically improved, where western medicine has little or nothing to offer, especially long term.

One of Chinese medicine’s strengths is its safety and lack of side effects, which is why so many parents now choose this treatment. Its gentleness and power can make profound changes over relatively small time periods, whether it is a case of reflux or abdominal pain, insomnia or bed wetting, hyperactivity or emotional liability.

We also find that children at our clinic are also consistently less bothered about drinking Chinese herbal medicine or having acupuncture than adults can be!