The Hunyuan Fertility Method founded by Dr.Yaron Seidman, originated from the methods of the Huo Shen Pai Mystery school (Fire Spirit School) in China. A truly heroic method of treatment that seeks to reconnect individuals with their root power, enabling truly miraculous transformations of human conditions.

Fertility is one condition that governs birth, a doorway to life and eventually death itself, which influences the generations for hundreds or even thousands of years potentially. When you get it right, people are born strong and healthy and go on to foster healthy children. Fertility treatment is a multi million/trillion pound industry that has a relatively low success rate,  much less than 30% for women aged 35 and under 0.8% for those over 44.  When successful it also produces many children (up to 1/3 according to recent research) whose health and development is often compromised, and fertility  further reduced.

In the methodology of Hunyuan, the aim is to establish health as was promised. This means addressing any deficient threads of health at the root of life. The idea of increasing health non- invasively and allowing fertility to occur naturally, is surely a priority and the first step before allowing highly invasive intervention. We don’t suggest discarding modern medicine, or that intervention may not be required for some; rather the priority issue at heart is to maximise health before conceiving. This allows for healthy children and mothers, also to have enough energy to enjoy the marathon journey ahead of delivering and bringing up children.

Clues to deficient health or fertility may present as breakthrough bleeding, painful, heavy, absent or irregular periods or maybe simply cold hands and feet. Diagnosis  or partial observations for some may be of poor egg quality or endometriosis, poly-cystic ovaries, high killer cells or hormone imbalances and deficiencies. Many may suffer with pre menstrual syndromes, skin problems,  weight gain or loss, depression, irritability or simply  overwork, fatigue or anxiety. Symptoms may be digestive, gynecological, emotional or simply overwork, but they all exist in the one skin encapsulated body where all systems interdependently effect each other. The treatment often requires the same direction,recharge and strengthen the bodies life force, remove any obstruction to greater health. The body simply, is not as healthy as it wants to be.

In Chinese medicine after several years of married life and if conception fails to take place, this is known as infertility. We also assess male partners whenever possible as a natural part of fertility treatment, whether specific problems exist or not, to maximise potential for healthy conception through natural balance. The anxiety and stress of IVF itself, on partners often reduces health for men, as well as for women.

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